Personal Injury & Auto Accidents

img4Dr. Muldavin is a recognized industry specialist in the treatment of personal injuries and auto accidents. He is practiced in the field of biomechanics, with relation to automobile accidents/injuries, and is a frequent lecturer to corporations on the topic of accident prevention and automobile safety.

Dr. Muldavin has successfully treated and managed hundreds of personal injuries and auto accidents. His state of the art facility which includes massage therapy, electric muscle stimulation (EMS), super pulse laser, ultra-sound, and motorized traction are all used to help reduce muscle inflammation, reduce pain, and accelerate healing. He also has a mini-gym and rehab facility which includes exercise and rehab equipment. Dr. Muldavin is an expert in rehabilitation and utilizes neuromuscular reeducation and active exercises that are so vital for full recovery from automotive and personal injuries.

Dr. Muldavin maintains a strong referral network and is an expert witness in court, when appropriate.

If you have any questions pertaining to a personal injury/auto accident that has happened to yourself, a family member, a friend, and/or co-worker please feel free to contact our office. You can contact us directly by phone: (916) 455-5404, by email